Matt Dabbs

RightNow Training Contributor
Associate Minister, St. Petersburg, FL

I am an associate minister at the Northwest Church of Christ in Saint Petersburg, Florida. My ministries include leading our small groups, young adults, and involvement of the congregation as a whole. I have been married for five years to my lovely wife Missy and we are expecting our first child in November. I have attended state schools like the University of Florida as well as private universities like Harding University. I have an M.Div and have been in ministry for six years.

A couple of my passions include helping people see Jesus and the Gospels in a new light through engaging people in the world of the biblical text, creating missional communities of young adults, and writing curriculum. I feel humbled to be a servant of God and frequently when meeting non-Christians describe my job as “helping and loving people in the name of Jesus.” I feel like that helps remove any stuffy implications someone might conjure up when I tell them I am a minister.

Matt Dabbs Interview with Small Group Trader:

Small Group Trader: When did you decide to serve in Small Group Ministry?

Matt Dabbs: In 2004 after taking a course in Small Group Ministry at Harding University Graduate School of Religion.

Small Group Trader: What encouragement would you offer to small group leaders out there?

Matt Dabbs: Knowing people is far more important than knowing all the newest small group tricks and trends.

Small Group Trader: In what ways have you and your family grown spiritually since you have been involved in this ministry?

Matt Dabbs: We have formed closer relationships with God and others as we have spent more time with fewer people resulting in relationships more than an inch deep.

Small Group Trader: Why does small group ministry play such a critical role in the church today?

Matt Dabbs: Community has been ripped from under our feet due to globalization and urbanization. That God-given need has left our country with a void and a deep need for community that cannot be met in a room full of 100 to 5000 people.


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