<em>Better Than One</em> featuring Dhati Lewis
Better Than One featuring Dhati Lewis
A 4-sessions Bible study for youth, taught by Dhati Lewis
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Growing up, we started friendships with a game of tag or hide-and-go-seek. But in high school, things get complicated. Cliques can feel like the real-life version of getting picked last for dodgeball—the cool kids pick each other, and the rest slump in the corner, forgotten. Even worse, social media rules the hallways. Our popularity depends on the amount of “likes” our latest picture earned, the number of retweets we get, and how many people viewed our Snapchat story. People crowd around us online and at school, but many of us still feel lonely. Depressed, even. Some of us feel so excluded that we don't see the need for friends at all.

It's time for a reality check: we need friends. Not just hang-out friends, but good friends who love, encourage, and challenge us. 

In this series, pastor Dhati Lewis unpacks true biblical friendship. He teaches students how God created us to need people and challenges students to choose godly friends. You'll also watch real-life stories of other teens who struggle with the realities of friendship. This study will empower teens to build solid friendships, to show kindness to nonbelievers, and to be a good friend.


<em>Amazing Grace</em> featuring Francis Chan

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Courage - Handouts

Supplemental handouts to go along with the Courage with Francis Chan youth study.

Leader's Guide Download - <em>Awaken</em> featuring D. A. Horton

Leader's Guide Download - Awaken featuring D. A. Horton

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the Awaken series (single use license)
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Dhati Lewis Dhati Lewis
Dhati Lewis is the Lead Pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA.  Born and raised in California, Dhati moved to Texas for his undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas and his graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministries).  While in Texas, Dhati served on staff at Denton Bible Church for 7 years. He started Plumbline, a very successful college ministry on UNT and TWU campuses.  He served as the college pastor there and eventually planted a church, which he pastored for three years.

During that time, he also served as chaplain to UNT's football team and coached high school football.  Dhati furthered his training in Little Rock, AR at Fellowship Associates in 2008-2009, completing a year long course designed to train pastors in the area of church planting.  After completion of that course, Dhati and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia with dreams to start a church that was both culturally relevant and biblically accurate.  Dhati, along with 25 other individuals launched Blueprint Church in 2009.

Dhati's passions are for church planting and discipleship.  He launched The Rebuild Network in 2011 to answer the call to see more churches planted in the urban context.  He currently serves as the president of The Rebuild Initiative.

Dhati and his wife, Angie have six children.


<em>Better Than One</em> featuring Dhati Lewis

Leader's Guide Download - Better Than One featuring Dhati Lewis

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany Better Than One series (single use license)
$12.99  $5.99

<em>Better Than One</em> featuring Dhati Lewis

Leader's Guide Download - Better Than One featuring Dhati Lewis (10-pack)

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany Better Than One series (10-pack license)
$99.99  $29.99
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