Leader's Guide Download - <em>Free of Me</em> featuring Sharon Hodde Miller
Leader's Guide Download - Free of Me featuring Sharon Hodde Miller
A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany Free of Me series (single use license)
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We live in a culture that's all about self, becoming the best “me” I can be instead of becoming like Jesus. This me-centered message affects every area of our lives—our friendships, families, self-image, even our faith—and it negatively impacts each one. The self-focused life robs our joy, shrinks our souls, and is the reason we never quite break free of insecurity.

In this 5-part series, Sharon Hodde Miller invites us into a bigger, Jesus-centered vision—one that restores our freedom and inspires us to live for more. Based on her book Free of Me, this study unveils our deepest insecurities and equips us to focus on God and others instead of ourselves. Discover a purpose bigger than “project me” and experience freedom from the burden of self-focus. 


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