Leader's Guide Download - <em>Revolution</em> (10-pack)
Leader's Guide Download - Revolution (10-pack)
A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the Revolution series (10-pack license)
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This leader's guide/workbook accompanies a video that is accessible only
to users who currently have an active subscription to RightNow Media.

The Revolution Leader's Guide contains step-by-step lesson plans to accompany each of the five video programs. This guide leaves room for open discussion, but also gives the leader plenty of material to work with. A crucial resource for the teacher or facilitator.

Please note: These downloadable pdfs contain the same material as the original printed guide. This 10-pack download license allows you to print up to 10 copies of the guide. If needed, additional single use or 10-pack licenses can be purchased.


Leader's Guide Download - <em>I AM</em> (10-pack)

Leader's Guide Download - I AM (10-pack)

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the I AM series (10-pack license)

Leader's Guide Download - <em>Apologetics</em> featuring Matt Chandler

Leader's Guide Download - Apologetics featuring Matt Chandler

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the Apologetics series (single use license)

Lesson: Life of Mary-Unexpected

Lesson: Life of Mary-Unexpected

Written to accompany the powerful video illustration The Life of Mary Part 1: Unexpected, this Bible

Leader's Guide Download - <em>VELOCITY 2</em>

Leader's Guide Download - VELOCITY 2

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the VELOCITY 2 series (single use license)