Workbook Download - <em>Prodigal Perspectives</em>
Workbook Download - Prodigal Perspectives
A Workbook to accompany the Prodigal Perspectives series (single use license)


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The Prodigal Perspectives Workbook contains three lessons filled with thought-provoking discussion questions from Chris Seay’s teaching and real-life stories, video notes, in-depth Bible study, a real-life application/challenge section, and Further study section. The content is based off Chris Seay’s teaching on the Prodigal Son story in the Bible through the eyes of the younger son, the elder son, and the father. This workbook will help you get the most out of the video-driven Bible study, Prodigal Perspectives.

Please note: These downloadable pdfs contain the same material as the original printed workbook. This download is intended for single use. If you are in need of multiple workbooks, then please purchase additional downloads — either multiple single-license downloads or the discounted 10-pack license.


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