Workbook Download - <em>Uprising</em>
Workbook Download - Uprising
A Workbook to accompany the Uprising series (single use license)


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This leader's guide/workbook accompanies a video that is accessible only
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The Uprising Workbook contains six lessons filled with thought-provoking questions and Bible study based on what it means to allow God to transform our character. Whether you're going through the six-week Bible study or just reading the book on your own, this workbook will help you get the most out of Uprising.

Please note: These downloadable pdfs contain the same material as the original printed workbook. This download is intended for single use. If you are in need of multiple workbooks, then please purchase additional downloads — either multiple single-license downloads or the discounted 10-pack license.


Lesson: Engage The World

Lesson: Engage The World

Do you find it hard to evangelize? This Bible study lesson is a great resource to help guide a group

Leader's Guide Download - <em>VELOCITY 3</em> (10-pack)

Leader's Guide Download - VELOCITY 3 (10-pack)

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the VELOCITY 3 series (10-pack license)
$99.90 $79.90

Leader's Guide Download - <em>Prayer</em> featuring Francis Chan

Leader's Guide Download - Prayer featuring Francis Chan

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the Prayer series (single use license)

Lesson: Sacrifice

Lesson: Sacrifice

What would you give your life for? This lesson accompanies the encouraging video illustration called

Leader's Guide Download - <em>Teens vs. Parents</em>

Leader's Guide Download - Teens vs. Parents

A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany the Teens vs. Parents series (single use license)