Discussion Guide Download - <em>The Life of Mary</em> (10-pack)
Discussion Guide Download - The Life of Mary (10-pack)
Downloadable discussion guide to accompany the The Life of Mary series (10-pack license)
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This discussion guide is designed for small group studies and discussions corresponding with the series, Life of Mary with Margaret Feinberg.

The Life of Mary is a 4 part video-driven bible study that unfolds Mary's life and transforms it to a 21st century audience with teaching by Margaret Feinberg. Author of more than 20 books and articles including Twentysomething: Surviving and Thriving in the Real World, Just Married and Simple Acts of Faith, Margaret's insightful discoveries on Mary's unique situation brings to life her fears and struggles. 

Please note: These downloadable pdfs contain the same material as the original printed guide. This 10-pack download license allows you to print up to 10 copies of the guide. If needed, additional single use or 10-pack licenses can be purchased.


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