Facilitator's Guide Download - RightNow: Lead Beyond Our Walls with Max Lucado and Erwin McManus
Facilitator's Guide Download - RightNow: Lead Beyond Our Walls with Max Lucado and Erwin McManus
A facilitator's guide to accompany the RightNow Development Kit with Max Lucado, Tony Evans and Matt Carter (singe use license)
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This Facilitator’s Guide completes the Rightnow Church Leadership Development Experience. The Facilitator’s Guide includes all the same content as the workbook…plus you get extra facilitator pages to help you lead each session. These extra facilitator pages include a “Nuts and Bolts to using this Resource” page that explains how to use the guide. We’ve also included suggestions as to who in your church might benefit from this experience as well as recommendations on where and how the kit might be used. Special facilitator notes are clearly marked in blue bars throughout the guide and the facilitator pages have a separate numbering system so that the rest of the page numbers correspond to the workbook. 

Eight sessions include:
  • Pete Briscoe – Is It Worth the Trade?
  • Matt Carter – From Small Groups to Missional Communities
  • Larry Osborne – The Church Has Left the Building
  • JR Vassar – The Holy Spirit
  • Tony Evans – The Role of the Church
  • Todd Phillips – Don’t Give Up
  • Erwin McManus – The Meaning of Work
  • Max Lucado – Outlive Your Life
There are sections within each session that include:
  • Notes to help you facilitate – how to prepare for and lead each session, and how use the articles, devotionals, and online extras after each session.
  • Session Overview – detailed summary of the video teaching.
  • Bio of the teacher – snapshot of the expert who is doing the teaching that session.
  • Video Notes –  blank pages to jot down thoughts and application ideas during the video teaching.
  • Discussion Questions – questions to spark discussion about church strategy or your specific ministry teams, as well as personal reflection questions.
  • Personal Devotional –  further Scripture study and reflection…to be done on your own in the days following the session.
  • Article – gives further insight into the expert teacher and/or the relevant theme addressed in the session.


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