Facilitator's Guide Download-RightNow: The Mission of the Church Matters with Francis Chan & others
Facilitator's Guide Download-RightNow: The Mission of the Church Matters with Francis Chan & others
A Facilitator's Guide to Complete the RightNow Leadership Development Experience (single use license)
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This Facilitator’s Guide completes the Rightnow Church Leadership Development experience. The Facilitator’s Guide includes all the same content as the workbook… plus you get extra facilitator pages to help you lead each session.

Extra facilitator pages include an article to help you get the most of out of this material in a group setting, on your own, or in your church. Also, a “Nuts and Bolts to using this Resource” article that shows you ways you might want to use the material since it’s not designed with a particular audience in mind. (I.e. with all your church staff, specific ministry teams within your staff, key leaders like elders or deacons, volunteer small group leaders, etc.). The article also includes where you might want to use this video material: in a retreat environment, on a weekly basis, or A La Carte.

There are special instructions just for the facilitator written in blue bars when needed and the facilitator pages have a separate numbering system so that the rest of the pages match the page numbers for all the workbooks.

Six sessions include: 

•    Francis Chan- Leading People Beyond Comfort
•    Matt Chandler- The Power of the Resurrection 
•    Mark Batterson- Unleashing Caged Christians 
•    Tim Ross- Are You Worth Following? 
•    Alan Danielson- The Mission of Small Groups 
•    George Barna- Fundamentals of Master Leaders 

There are sections within each session that include:

•    Notes to help you facilitate- how to prepare for each session, lead each session, and use the articles, devotionals, and online extras after each session. 
•    Session Overview- detailed summary of the video teaching
•    Bio of the teacher – snapshot of the expert who is doing the teaching that session
•    Video Notes – blank pages to jot down thoughts and application ideas during the video teaching
•    Discussion Questions – questions to spark discussion for church strategy or your specific ministry teams as well as personal reflection questions
•    Personal Devotional – further Scripture study and reflection. The devotional is something to be done on your own in the days following the session.
•    Article – gives further insight into the expert teacher and/or relevant theme addressed in the session (includes colored photos/magazine style). 


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