Leader's Guide Download - <em>Fear and Faith</em> featuring Trillia Newbell (10-pack)
Leader's Guide Download - Fear and Faith featuring Trillia Newbell (10-pack)
A step-by-step Leader's Guide to accompany Fear and Faith series (10-pack license)
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This leader's guide/workbook accompanies a video that is accessible only
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The Fear and Faith Leader's Guide Download completes the 5-part video-driven Bible study and includes leader's guide notes and group handouts for all five sessions, information on how to use the leader's guide, and several other resources that will help you take this content to your group.

Each lesson within the Leader's Guide includes ice-breaker questions, discussion questions from the video teaching and an in-depth Bible study. This guide leaves room for open discussion, but also gives the leader plenty of material to work with.

Please note: This 10-pack download license allows you to print up to 10 copies of the guide. If needed, additional single use or 10-pack licenses can be purchased.


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